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Nara was once a capital of Japan 1,300 years ago (from 710 to 784).

During that time Nara enjoyed cultural prosperity as the nation’s capital.

Nara has many historical and cultural heritages cultivated over the past 1,300 years of history and tradition, specifically Todai-ji, Saidai-ji, Kofuku-ji, Kasuga Shrine, Gango-ji, Yakushi-ji, Toshodai-ji, and the Heijo Palace, together with Kasugayama Primeval Forest, form the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today Nara is known as City of international culture and tourism, filled with stanning natural beauty.

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Private Guided Tour in Nara

Advisor Yoneko Oyama with guests

Our advisor, Yoneko Oyama is in the center.

Experience the history , beauty and charm of Nara with us!

Our motto is “to help make your day in Nara very special”!!

Customize your tour depending on your time available in Nara.

*You don`t need to pay for your guide`s admission fee to temples/ gardens.

*We usually provide walking tours, but, if necessary, use buses and trains.

*In case you need to take a train/bus on your trip, we would appreciate that you pay for your guide`s transportation fares.

If you haven`t decided your schedule yet, we help you make a plan.

Please make a booking or contact us from “Booking” page.

・Click here for booking private guided tour

Virtual tour

Why don’t you join our FREE virtual tour using ZOOM application and enjoy Nara from your home anywhere in the world with us?

Nara YMCA EGG is pleased to announce that several virtual tours of Nara are available now.

You may find various interesting things throughout our virtual tour, which makes your tour of Nara more exciting and enjoyable.

The tour date is below.

We look forward to meeting you online soon !!

Free Virtual Tour of Nara November 2022 JST(UTC+9)
・Click here for booking a virtual tour


Portal Website for Emergency

NHK is national broadcasting of Japan. They provide essential up-to-date information during emergency situations, such as a natural disaster or the spread of coronavirus.

You can find information in 18 Languages.

NHK World-Japan

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