⁂We provide individual tours in English.

⁂The tour is available generally 9:00-17:00.

⁂The booking is available from 3 months before until 3 days before the desired date.

If you miss the deadline, please come to the information counter on that day, which is at JR or Kintetsu Nara station. The entry of the day will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

How to use our service

1.Booking with the application form
Fill in the following application and transmit it. We reply to you within three days at the latest.
2.Receiving an email from EGG
We will assign a guide and give you his/her name by email with your reservation number. After that, please contact your guide directly. (Your guide will also send you an email.)
We do not use other means of communication, such as SKYPE.
We will reply to you even if we cannot assign a guide for you. In this case, you can still try and find a guide by asking at the information desk at the JR or Kintetsu Nara station on the day.
3.Starting the tour
Come to the meeting place on time where you have promised with your guide.
When you are late, please be sure to contact your guide. Your tour will be considered canceled if you are late over 30 minutes without telling us.

Change or cancel of the tour

1.Change of the date
Please inform your guide first of the change. When he/she agrees to a change, he/she will be still your guide.
If not, we will try to assign other guide.
2.Cancel of the tour
Please tell your guide about it.

Application form