Booking a virtual tour


Nara YMCA EGG is happy to announce that the FREE virtual (on-line) tour of Nara is also available now in addition to the on-site tour. Our 50-year experience as a volunteer guide group will help you to find great wonders of Nara as well as to understand traditional Japanese culture. You can enjoy charming historical city of Nara while you are relaxing in your home. In addition, it makes your next trip to Nara more rewarding and might also be useful when you to plan your trip to Japan. Please make sure that the Zoom application is used for our FREE virtual guide. We look forward to seeing you online soon.


The schedule of our virtual tour will be posted on our Social Media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). We use the Zoom application for our virtual tour. We accept five groups at maximum for each virtual tour. Your request will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please make sure that the tour schedule is described according to the Japan time (UCT+9).

The tour is free of charge.

Please refrain from taking photographs and making audio video recordings during this online tour. Please turn your camera and appear on the screen during this online tour.

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